Welcome to the Bot Cave


Welcome to KenBots recycled electronic art sculptures, jewelry and much more.  Why KenBots? My name is Ken Swallow and most of my creations have BOT in the title. My wife calls my workshop the Bot Cave so the name seemed fitting.

What others see as junk, I see as potential art. Is it simply junk or items that were allocated to the landfills and junk yards? My creations are all about transforming parts of discarded items into something original: in effect breathing new life into them and having fun while doing it.

KenBots features one of a kind recycled electronic art and mixed media sculptures. Each item is hand made using recycled or discarded non working items. No functioning items were harmed in this process. We believe in repair first if possible if not repairable we recycle in an earth friendly manner.

 Born in London England, currently living in Holiday FL north west of Tampa. I scour estate sales and yard sales, use items discarded by our friends, family and neighbors, take them back to my Bot Cave and assemble them into eclectic mixed media art sculptures. 

 Want to keep up with my latest creations? Follow me on Facebook, Interested in purchasing a piece, click the shop tab to see whats available via my Etsy store (KensArt) To see where we'll be in the future or current exhibits, check out shows and events. Questions or comments? I'd love to hear from you.

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